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Defeating Negativity

Indulging into a negative thought is very easy. We sink into a thought for hours not realizing that it can have an effect either negative or positive. Thoughts which are born in our mind can either transform us in a better person or a weak & fragile one.

How can we choose what we think?

This million dollar question I have been asking myself for years now. Googling it for months.

Answer for it is worth those years and months. For years of experience I have learnt the answer. Before answering that question, I would first like to share something with you. Like any other person I too know what I want from life, where I want to reach in the scale of success yet some negative feelings and thought deprived me of it.

During the darkest days of my life, a lot of negative thoughts revolved around my mind. Those negative thoughts led to negative actions and negative words which in return led to more negativity. You would be surprised to know how much negativity can be caused by a negative thought.

I have learned some ideas for defeating negativity which are mentioned below:

  • ·         Law of attraction.

Going against the rule of magnetism in physics where we learned opposite poles attract each other, opposite happens in real life of thoughts. A single positive thought attracts more positivisty. It’s not that difficult. Take a step forward and think about something good which has happened to you in these few days. You will soon begin to get more good thoughts and feelings. Good feelings will make you look brighter and happier which will make other people around you more positive. It is a proven fact that you cannot feel two things at the same time. Let’s give our self as well as others a chance.

  • ·         Thoughts are powerful.

Yes, thoughts are powerful. It can either make you or break you. Remember what you think about most of the time you are going to become one. If you think about that negative friend of yours, or that bad boss at all the time those qualities will start to develop in you. On the other hand, if you think and see good in people and all those good qualities you wish to have, you automatically start working towards it. Your thoughts are what you are.

  • ·         One step at a time.

Most people know exactly how to remove the negativity in their’s field of thoughts but fail to start. For them I would suggest to take one step at a time. Your first step will be to analyze the cause of disharmony in your mind and then try to find a solution. Remember it’s only you who can solve your problems and you have to. There’s no other short cut.

  • ·         A thought for future.

Thinking about as well as speaking out aloud what you want to become helps a great deal. You just need to have a strong belief that you already have that ability to achieve whatever you desire. You just need to polish your qualities by practicing and working in order to achieve what you desire. You will be surprised to see at what height it can take you.

All those points are only worth writing if you wish to improve and implement. Don’t just go through but start developing yourself. Be happy and stay positive.

Comment below for any suggestions.

Be Happy.   🙂 



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