My life


Today I have decided to do many things to fill the gap in my life. I have decided that every night when my day will end I’ll sumup whatever I have learned as a person so that I and other people also will benefit from my experience.

What I learned today ?

Life can be really difficult sometimes on professional front too. There will be days when you will have to take important (major) decisions and make some sacrifises.You will be granted a very difficult option from which you will have to choose only one. And the decision you make at the end will have a big amount of impact on your life.. So remember to be wise and avoid mistakes. Stay strong, come what may rain or strom.

However, these decisions were not mine but of some one really close to me. My time is yet to come.I have my own priority lists in my own little world. I also had some decisions to be taken. 

I took too many life decisions today. some of them are :

  1.  Write an ocassional poem.
  2. Improve my communication skills.
  3. Collect more certificates.
  4. Write a fixed my life blog post

These were some of my major decisions of today I really dont know how much I’ll be able to work this out. So stay here with me and lets share a piece of some of our lives and learn from each others lives.😊


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