And i wonder why…

Do we need to stay apart Can't we  set US  togeather Crushing and pushing each other away Instead of finding the right way Why is the solution only being apart Why can't we settle in and make our way Together is the right way than tear drops that rain Building a boundry between two hearts… Continue reading And i wonder why…

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The captured one

I am crushed and pushed back. I am feared of revelation. Hiding behind curtains, I am mistaken to be display of weakness. But actually I am strength. Strength of a heart. I am evidence of your emotions, And evidence of your liveliness. Don't hide me. I am not your weakness. Pushing behind the curtains I… Continue reading The captured one

My life, poetry

I had a Dream

I had a dream, And it seemed real. I wonder how amazing it was, And it flushed out like a tear. We had a great time, And it disappeared in seconds mere. Memories line by line, But its broken by my fear. Don't hate me or call me stupid, Because I have no one to… Continue reading I had a Dream

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Beauty within a beast

Why do you love pretty faces? Then curse empty hearts; Wanna love the real love ? First try a real Heart ; A heart that have felt the most, Be it ignorance, emptiness or hurt. That heart which have been hurt, In the name of love which have been burnt.. Love the one who care… Continue reading Beauty within a beast